Enigma Need for Speed - 10 weeks to a half marathon PB (Week 4)?

Week 4 and the mileage is stacking up. Another good week which you can see below.

Week 4 - 71 mi (8h 54m)

  • Monday - Easy  8 - run home from work
  • Tuesday - 8.8 (4 hard - Summer League  Race 3 - East Park 4 plus 2.7 mi warm up and 2 mi cool down)
  • Wednesday -
    • AM: 3.5 mi XC recover run
    • PM: 11.9 midweek LSR
  • Thursday - Hard 10.2 - tempo run (2 mi warm up + 7 @ 6.30 or faster plus 1.2 mi cool down)
  • Friday - Rest day
  • Saturday - 13 /mi - Progressive 20s - 20 minute warm up, 20 minutes @ 7.00 Min /mi, 20 minutes @ 6.30 Min /mi, 20 minutes @ 6.00 Min /mi (yeah right!) plus cool down.
  • Sunday - 15 /mi LSR

A solid week's training with some decent volume and harder sessions. The key workouts were Tuesday's race, Thursday and Saturday.

Although I was a little disappointed with the race and not dipping under 24, I have to be pleased with the fact that I'm racing close to an average pace of low 6 minute miling for that majority of short races. This puts me pretty much back to the same place this time next year. I just hope that I can now push on and break some of the times I set last year.

The most pleasing run was Thursday's tempo run. Run entirely on my own in wet conditions, it was tough but good at the same time.

Saturdays progressive run wasn't quite as good. The first two faster 20 minutes went pretty much to plan but then the lack old sleep and fatigue kicked in.

Next week plan is pretty much a repeat of this. Hopefully I'll break 140 miles for the two weeks.,

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