Enigma Need for Speed - 10 weeks to a half marathon PB (Week 5)?

Just missed my target volume of 70 miles for the week, more on why later. First off here is this weeks training schedule:

Week 5 - 71 mi (8h 54m)

  • Monday - Easy  5.7 XC
  • Tuesday -
    • AM: Easy 4 mi For the
    • PM: 11.5 mi (10 tempo plus warm up and cool down)
  • Wednesday - 11 Midweek LSR
  • Thursday - Rest day
  • Friday -
    • AM: Easy 3.6
      • PM: Easy 10
  • Saturday - 12.5 /mi - 8 mile cutdown (2.8 /mi warm up + 8 miles starting at 7:20 and cutting down by 10 seconds every mile to finish on 6:10 + 1.5 /mi cool down)
  • Sunday - 6.8 /mi LSR - Cut short!

This week's key sessions was Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. The week started off well with my tempo run completed in 65:08 which for 10 miles is pretty much race pace. Plus the session was on my own without any music in the cold, wind and wet. On a better day with company I reckon that will be under 65.

Saturday started well but I had started to develop a cough, however like all good runners I decided to ignore it. For the "cutdown" the first 5 miles was close to the correct pace. The last 3 miles was at parkrun therefore after a short break it was a case of ignoring whatever the prescribed pace was (6:30. 6:20, 6:10) and just go for it. As it turns out what should have been the fastest 3 miles of the session were anything but. I was feeling extremely fatigued and by the last mile I went down the gears and strolled in (but not into the finish as I didn't want to register a slow'ish time). The splits below tell the story perfectly:

  • 07:15
  • 07:06
  • 06:56
  • 06:47
  • 06:49
  • 06:11
  • 06:21
  • 06:44

It wasn't until Sunday's LSR that the wheel reallys came off. The intention was to do 12 miles, however within a few miles I knew the legs weren't just fatigued. In the end I did 6.8 averaging 8:44 and decided that rest and recovery would be better than trying to finish the session.

Thankfully the coming week is a lower mileage week giving me opportunity to recovery. The only stumbling block is I do have two 10ks, 1 of which is a Summer League on Tuesday on the course when I set my current PB. I had hoped to set a sub 38 like last year.

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